Early Biographical

Professor, Department of Historical Studies, University of Toronto Mississauga, 1976-; tenure award, 1980; appointment to graduate faculty, 1984; promotion to Full Professor, 1991.

  • Professor Emeritus, 1 July 2009.


Modern European History, University of Glasgow, 1968-69.

Visiting Professor:
Modern European history, Concordia University, Montreal, July-August 1975.

Freelance writer and historian:
Principal research assistant to Sir Martin Gilbert, official Winston Churchill biographer, 1969-70.
Research assistant to the late V.V. Tilea, Romanian Minister in London (1938-40), 1970-73.
Commissioned by André Deutsch Ltd. to write a book on the origins of the Second World War.  Published on 3 September 1973.
Invited by the late A.P. Young, OBE, to edit a volume of memoirs dealing with his involvement in the German resistance to Hitler.  Published on 22 August 1974.
Commissioned by Weidenfeld and Nicolson Ltd. to write a biography of Sir Anthony Eden (Lord Avon).  Published on 14 July 1976.

Book reviewer
For The Sunday Telegraph (London, England), 1976.
For The Ottawa Citizen, 1977-79.

Honours and Nominations

The Knighthood of Mark Twain, 1977 (re:  Anthony Eden; also held by Lord Avon).
Elected:  Fellow of the Royal Historical Society, United Kingdom, May 2005.

Professional Affiliations

North American Conference on British Studies, 1995-.
Royal Historical Society of the United Kingdom, 2005-.


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