In the Media

Book Reviews

The Sunday Telegraph (London), 1976.

  • Reviews included:  Britain in the Nineteen Twenties by Noreen Branson; Lord Leverhulme by W.P. Jolly; A Man of The Times by I. McDonald.

The Citizen (Ottawa), 1977-79.

  • Reviews included:  The Education of a Statesman 1890-1916, Lloyd George and Foreign Policy, Vol. 1, by Michael Fry; A Prime Minister on Prime Ministers by Sir Harold Wilson; Into the Open (poetry) by Christopher Levenson; Class, Culture and Education by Harold Entwistle; Tributaries, An Anthology: Writer to Writer (poetry) edited by Barry Dempster; Stefansson and the Canadian Arctic by Richard J. Diubaldo; Gentlemen, Players and Politicians by Dalton Camp.

Interviews and Appearances

The Montreal Star, The Sunday Telegraph (London, England), FYI (Montreal), CBC Radio, CBC Television, CTV (CKCO) (Kitchener-Waterloo), CHUM-FM (Toronto), CKO-FM (Toronto), CTV (Toronto), The Sun (Toronto), Now (Toronto), The Star (Toronto), Hamilton Spectator (Hamilton), Globe and Mail (Toronto), National Post (Toronto), The Edmonton Sun (Edmonton), MacLeans and many others.

Press Article

“A Shaky Grasp of History:  Appeasement”, Comment article in The Globe and Mail, 25 February 2003.


Numerous postings on H-ALBION and H-DIPLO, 1996-2009. Click here for additional information.


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