Publications by Lord Salter

Publications by Lord (Sir Arthur) Salter


Salter’s Guide to The Thames, with J.H. Salter, 13th ed., Oxford, 1910-ff.
Allied Shipping Control:  An Experiment in International Administration, London, 1921
Recovery:  The Second Effort, London, 1932
The United States of Europe and other Papers, W. Arnold-Forester, ed., London, 1933
China and Silver, (Economic Forum), New York, 1934
Security:  Can We Retrieve It? London, 1939 [Trans. Italian, Chinese, Dutch, Turkish]
Personality in Politics:  Studies of Contemporary Statesmen, London, 1947
Memoirs of a Public Servant, London, 1961
Slave of the Lamp:  A Public Servant’s Notebook, London, 1967

Shorter Books

Europe’s Recovery:  What It Means to World Peace, New York, 1924
The Role of the Dominions in Imperial Policy, Oxford, 1947
General Problem of the Dollar Shortage, London, 1949
Foreign Investment:  Essays in International Finance, No. 12, Princeton, NJ,
1951, reprinted in Foreign Trade and Finance: Essays in International Economic Equilibrium and Adjustment, William R. Allen and Clark Lee Allen, eds., New York, 1959, and Issues and Insights on International Investment, Mira Wilkins, ed., New York, 1977

Contributions to Books (including annuals, encyclopaedias, etc)

“Economics and Finance,” in The League of Nations Starts: An Outline by its Organisers, London, 1920
“Preface,” to Currencies After the War:  A Survey of Conditions in Various Countries, London, 1920
“Economic Conflicts as the Cause of War,” in Valentine Chirol, Yusuke Tsurumi and James Arthur Salter, The Reawakening of the Orient and other Addresses, London, 1925
“The Progress of Financial Reconstruction in Europe,” in The Europa Year-Book, 1926,  Michael Farbman, et al., eds., London, 1926
“League of Nations:  The Work of the First Six Years,” Encyclopaedia Brittanica, 13th ed., vol. 30(1926)
“Control:  Inter-Allied,” Encyclopaedia Britannica, 13th ed., vol. 29(1926)
“The Economic Conference,” in The Europa Year-Book, 1927, Michael Farbman, et al., eds., London, 1927
“Introduction: The League’s Contribution,” in The Economic Consequences of the  League, The World Economic Conference, London, 1927
“Note,” in League of Nations Union, World Prosperity And Peace: Being The Report of a Conference Held by The League of Nations Union at the Guildhall, E.C. 2, December 13th-15th, 1927, on the Work of the International Economic Conference, London, 1928
“Allied Maritime Transport Council,” Encyclopaedia Britannica, 14th ed., vol. 1(1929).
“Preface,” to Eugene Havas, Hungary’s Finance and Trade in 1929, 3rd ed., London, 1930
“John Stuart Mill,” in The Great Victorians, H.J. and Hugh Massingham, eds., London, 1932
“Foreword,” to Alfred Plummer, The World in Agony:  An Economic Analysis, London, 1932
“Introduction,” to Documents on International Affairs, 1931, John W. Wheeler-Bennett, ed. (1932)
“The Economic Causes of War,” in The Causes of War:  Economic, Industrial, Racial, Religious, Scientific and Political, Arthur Porritt, ed., London, 1932
“Preface” to H.V. Hodson, Economics of a Changing World, London, 1933
“World Government,” in Leonard Wolfe, Lord Eustace Percy, Mrs. Sidney Webb, W.G.S. Adams and Arthur Salter, The Modern State, London, 1933
“World Government,” in The Causes of War and the Possibilities of Peace, Sukeo Kitasawa, ed. (Tokyo, n.d.)
“Foreword,” to Viscount Astor and Keith Murray, The Planning of Agriculture,  London, 1933
“The Economic Factor,” in In Pursuit of Peace:  Ten Lectures Delivered at Oxford July, 1933, G.P. Gooch, ed., London, 1933
“Foreword,” to Wallace McClure, World Prosperity as Sought Through the Economic Work of the League of Nations, New York, 1933
“A New Framework for the Economic System,” in The Obligation of Universities to the Social Order, H.P. Fairchild, ed., New York, 1933
“World Without War,” in Essays and Addresses Toward a Liberal Education, A Craig Baird, ed., London, 1934
“Presidential Address,” in League of Nations, Sixth International Studies Conference, A Record of a Second Study Conference on the State and Economic Life, London, May 29 to June 2, 1933, London, 1934
“Introduction,” to William Martin, Understand the Chinese, London, 1934
J. Hilton, J.J. Mallon, S. Mavor, B.S. Rowntree, A. Salter and F.D. Stuart, eds., Are Trade Unions Obstructive? An Impartial Inquiry, London, 1935
“Planned Socialization and World Trade,” in The Burden of Plenty? Graham Hutton, ed., London, 1935.
“Introduction,” to Eugene Staley, War and the Private Investor:  A Study in the Relations of International Politics and International Private Investment, New York,  1935
“A New World Order,” in Leadership in a Changing World, M. David Hoffman and Ruth Wanger, eds., London, 1935
“Practical Suggestions for Reform,” in The Future of the League of Nations, The Record of a Series of Discussions Held at Chatham House (London, 1936)
Arthur Salter, Allen of Hurtwood, et. al., The World Foundation: A Proposal for Immediate Action on a World Basis, Oxford, 1936
“The Need for a New Economic System,” in A Modern Reader:  Essays on Present-Day Life and Culture, Walter Lippmann and Alan Nevins, eds., London, 1936
“Foreword,” to G. Lowes Dickinson, The International Anarchy, 1904-1914, London, 1937
“Economic Nationalism: Can It Continue,” G.D.H. Cole, A. Salter, Wickham Steed, Sidney Webb, P.M.S. Blackett and  Lancelot Hogben, What is Ahead of Us?   London 1937
“Forward,” to G.F. Hudson & Marthe Rajchman, eds., An Atlas of Far Eastern Affairs, London 1938
“China’s New Unity,” in China:  Body and Soul, Ernest Richard Hughes, ed., London, 1938
“The Challenge to Democracy,” in Constructive Democracy, Sir Ernest Simon, et. al., London, 1938
“Semi-socialized Economic Systems,” in Études dédiées a la Mémoire d’André M. Andréadès, K. Varvaressos, ed., Athens, 1940
“Modern Mechanization and Its Effect on the Structure of Society,” in Science  and Social Change, Jesse E. Thornton, comp., Washington, 1939
“Introduction,” to Brig.-General Sir Osborne Mance, The Road and Rail Transport Problem, London, 1940
“Preface,” to Advisory Bodies, A Study of their Uses in Relation to Central Government 1919-1939, R.V. Vernon and N. Mansergh, eds., London, 1940
“Forward,” to G.F. Hudson and Marthe Rajchman, eds., An Explanatory Atlas of the Far East, London, 1942
“The Summing Up,” in The Way Ahead:  The Strange Case of the Friendly Societies, John A. Lincoln, ed., London, 1946
“The Control of Nuclear Energy and the Development of International Institutions,” in Atomic Energy:  Its International Implications, Chatham House Study Group, London, 1948
“Tribute,” in Ruskin:  Prophet of the Good Life, J. Howard Whitehorse, ed., Oxford, 1948
“Cabinet and Parliament,” in Parliament:  A Survey, London, 1952
“Foreword” to M. Alderton Pink, ed., Moral Foundations of Citizenship, London, 1952
“The Crux of Nationalization,” in Problems of Nationalized Industry, William A. Robson, ed., London, 1952
“Foreword,” to The Economist Intelligence Unit, The Commonwealth and Europe, London, 1960

Salter - back row centre - with vest and winged collar

Salter – back row centre – with vest and winged collar. League of Nations 1920s

Books: Official Publications

“General Survey” in The Financial Reconstruction of Hungary, General Survey and Principal Documents, League of Nations, Geneva 1926
The Financial Reconstruction of Austria and of Hungary, Comments and Conclusions, League of Nations, Geneva 1927
“Note,” to Guide to the Documents of the International Economic Conference, Geneva, May 1927 , League of Nations, Geneva, 1927
“The League’s Contribution,” in The Economic Consequences of the League:  The World Economic Conference, Roland W. Boyden, et al., London, 1927
A Scheme for an Economic Advisory Organisation in India, Government of India, Calcutta, 1931
Ministry of Transport, Report of the Conference on Rail and Road Transport, 29 July 1932, London, 1932
China and the Depression:  Impressions of a Three Months Visit, National Government of the Republic of China, 1934
The Development of Iraq:  A Plan of Action, Iraq Development Board, 1955
Statistics and the Public, private circulation, London, Dec. 6th, 1939

Lectures and Addresses: Books, Pamphlets, etc.

“Problems of International Administration,” in The Development of the Civil Service, Lectures delivered before the Society of Civil Servants, 1920-21, London, 1922
“Reconstructing Austria:  An Address by Sir Arthur Salter,” before the International Chamber of Commerce at Rome, Italy, March 24, 1923
Europe’s Recovery: What It Means To World Peace. New York: Reprinted by the League of Nations Non-Partisan Association, 1924
“The World Economic Conference of May, 1927, How to Secure Practical Results,” Address Delivered to the Congress of the International Chamber of Commerce at Stockholm, July 1st, 1927, Stockholm, 1927
“The Progress of Economic Reconstruction in Europe,” The Problems of Peace, Lectures Delivered at the Geneva Institute of International Relations, August 1926, London, 1927
“Economic Policy:  The Way to Peace and Prosperity,” Problems of Peace, Second Series, Lectures Delivered at the Geneva Institute of International Relations, August 1927, London, 1928
“The First Results of the World Economic Conference,” Problems of Peace, Third Series, Lectures Delivered at the Geneva Institute of International Relations, A  August 1928, London, 1929
Foreign Policy Association, Prosperity, Economic Nationalism or Internationalism, Discussed by Joseph M. Pavloff, David Friday and Sir Arthur Salter, February 16, 1929, New York, 1929
Some Reflections on the World Economic Depression, Prepared for the Biennial  Congress of the International Chamber of Commerce, 4 May 1931, Washington, 1931
The World’s Economic Crisis and the Way of Escape, The Halley Stewart Lectures, 1931, by Arthur. Salter, Josiah Stamp, J. Maynard Keynes, Basil Blackett, Henry Clay, W.H. Beveridge, London, 1932
Political Aspects of the World Depression, Burge Memorial Lecture, 1932, Oxford
University Press, London 1932.  Reprinted in Ernest Barker, et al., Burge Memorial Lectures, 1927-1933, Oxford, 1933
Modern Mechanization and Its Effects on the Structure of Society, Second Massey Lecture, McGill University, 18 Apr. 1933, Oxford University Press,London 1933
The Framework of an Ordered Society, The Alfred Marshall Lectures, 22, 23, 24 Feb. 1933, Cambridge, 1933
“Presidential Address,” in League of Nations, A Record of a Second Study Conference on the State and Economic Life, Held in London, May 29 to June 2, 1933, Paris, 1934
“Peace and the Colonial Problem,” in National Peace Council, Peace and the     Colonial Problem, London, 1935
World Trade and Its Future, Swarthmore College Lectures, Philadelphia, 1936
The English Speaking Peoples and World Peace, Second Jonathan Peterson Lecture, League for Political Education, New York 1936
Economic Policies and Peace, Merttens Lecture, 1936, Day to Day Pamphlets, no. 34, London, 1936
Letter to the Electors of Oxford University:  Oxford University By-Election 1937, Oxford, 1937
“Inaugural Address,” in Nutrition and Public Health, Proceedings of a National Conference on the Wider Aspects of Nutrition, April 27-29, 1939 London, 1939
“Address,” Proceedings of the American Society of International Law, April 30-May1, 1943, Washington, DC, 1943
The Role of the Dominions in Imperial Policy,  An Address to the Royal Empire    Society, 5 February 1947, Preface by Lionel Curtis.  Oxford, 1947
General Problem of the Dollar Shortage, Lecture on November 8, 1949, Institute of  Bankers, London, 1949
The United Nations, Reform, Replace or Supplement? Annual Memorial Lecture, March  1957, David Davies Memorial Institute of International Studies, London, 1957


Collected Works of Lord Salter


Toward a Planned Economy, The John Day Pamphlets, no. 40, New York, 1933
Is It Peace? The Nettle and the Flower, The Spectator, London, 1938
The Dual Policy, Oxford Pamphlets on World Affairs, no. 11, London, 1939
The Meaning of the Marshall Plan Now and in 1952, London, 1948
William George Stewart Adam, CH, A Memorial Address given in the College Chapel, 19 Mar. 1966, Oxford University Press 1966


“Citizenship in Stepney,” The Toynbee Record, 24(Dec. 1911), 33-36

“The Financial Reconstruction of Austria,” The American Journal of International Law, 17(1923), 116-128
“The Reconstruction of Austria,” Young Men of India, 34(1923), 201-209
“Austria:  Saved or Duped?” The New Republic, 35(1923), 359-361

“The Reconstruction of Austria,” Foreign Affairs, 2(1924), 630-643
“The Reconstruction of Hungary,” Journal of the British Institute of International Affairs, 3(1924), 190-202
“The League of Nations Program for the Financial and Economic Rehabilitation of Hungary,” The Economic World, 113(1924), 809-811.  Originally published in the New York Evening Post, 30 May 1924

“Good Work in Greece,” Headway, 7(Jan. 1925), 5
“Paving the Way to Europe’s Recovery: The Financial Work of the League of Nations,” The Manchester Guardian Commercial, (29 Jan.1925), 33
“Reconstruction: Five Years of Work by the League of Nations,” Journal of the British Institute of International Affairs, 4(1925), 313-314
“War Risks in Economic Conflicts,” Yale Review, 14(1925), 683-698

“The Reconstruction of Hungary,” Foreign Affairs, 5(1926), 91-102
Hungary stabilized, (New York, 1926, reprinted from The Financial News, 13 Sept. 1926)

“The World Economic Conference,” The Round Table, 17(1927), 267-286
“What’s Wrong With the World: The League Tackles Tariffs and Cartels,” Headway, 9(April 1927), 67
“The Economic Conference and After,” The Nation and the Athenaeum, 41(1927),  328-330
“The World Economic Conference of May 1927,” Nineteenth Century and After, 102(1927), 15-27
“La Conference Economique Internationale de 1927,” Bibliothèque universelle et Revue de Genève, (July 1927), 60-70
“Progress and Economic Understanding,” Central European Observer, 3(1927), 44-47
“The Economic Conference: Prospects of Practical Results,” Journal of the Royal Institute of International Affairs, 6(1927), 350-367
“Are We Getting Richer or Poorer?” Radio Times, 17(1927), 239
“The Contribution of the League of Nations to the Economic Recovery of Europe,” The Annals of the American Academy of Political and Social Science, 134(1927), 132-139
“World Economic Problems and Trade Barriers,” Manchester Chamber of Commerce, Monthly Record, 38(Feb. 1927), 47-51

“The League of Nations, Economic Policy -The Next Stages,” The Spectator, 140(1928), 189

“The Coming Economic Struggle,” Yale Review, 18(1929), 505-519
“The United States of Europe,” The Round Table, 20(1929), 79-99
“The League of Nations,” The Spectator, 143(1929), 15

“The Economic Work of the League,” The Nation and the Athenaeum, 47(1930), 587-5  588
“Trade Within the Empire – II,” The Listener, 4(1930), 729-730, 762
“The Economic Organization of Peace,” Foreign Affairs, 9(1930), 42-53
“Where is Europe Going?” The Round Table, 21(1930), 1-16
“World Finance and Economics: The Next Step,” The Spectator, 145(1930), 770-771
“The League of Nations in Action:  An Actual Example of How a War was Stopped,” The Highway, 23(Oct. 1930), 8-11

“The Silver Problem,” Political Science Quarterly, 46(1931), 321-334
“Chatham House Annual Dinner,” International Affairs, (1931), 592-596
“The Future of the Pound,” The Spectator, 147(1931), 800-801
“The World Financial Crisis,” The Yale Review, 21(1931), 217-231
“What I Would Do with the World–I,” The Listener, 6(1931) 567-570, 599-560

“China, Japan and the League of Nations,” The Contemporary Review,     141(1932), 279-288
“The Technique of Open Diplomacy,” The Political Quarterly, 3(1932), 58-70
“The Prospects of World Settlement,” The Listener, 7(1932), 37-38, 72
“The Problem of World Government – I, Transport and Telegrams Transform the   World,” The Listener, 7(1932), 291
“II – “The Clash Between Frontiers and Trade,” The Listener, 7(1932), 298-299
“III – “Must National Sovereignty Go?” The Listener, 7(1932), 329-330, 361
“IV – The Structure of World Government,” The Listener, 7(1932), 376-377
“V – Referee or Super-State?” The Listener, 7(1932) 436-437
“VI – A World Purged of War,” The Listener, 7(1932), 466-467
“Disarmament – the Prospects,” The Listener, 8(1932), 577-579
“What America Thinks of the War Debt Settlement,” The Listener, 8(1932), 928
“Ottawa and the World,” The Spectator, 148(1932), 821-822
“Ottawa and the World,” The Spectator, 149(1931), 438-439
“The Conferences of This Year:  Geneva, Lausanne, Ottawa, London,” The Political Quarterly, 3(1932), 467-488
“The Road to Recovery,” The Highway, 25(1932), 4-5
“Past, Present and Future,” Lloyd’s Bank Review (Supplement), 3(1932), 54-73
“Geneva in Retrospect,” Index, 7(1932), 287-301
“The Future of Economic Nationalism,” Foreign Affairs, 11(1932), 8-20
“A Year and A Half of Crisis,” The Yale Review, 32(1932), 217-233
“Address at Chatham House Annual Dinner,” International Affairs, 11(1932), 849-851
“The Shanghai Crisis,” International Affairs, 11(1932), 171-173
“England’s Dilemma: Free Trade or Protection?” Foreign Affairs, 10(1932), 188-200
“Disarmament,” The Round Table, 22(1932), 532-551
“The Forthcoming Conferences,” The News-Letter:  The National Labour Fortnightly, 1(11 June 1932), 7-10

“War Debts,” International Affairs, 12(1933), 147-167
“International Studies Conference on the State and Economic Life,”  International Affairs, 12(1933), 535-546
“A New Economic Morality” Harper’s Magazine, 166(1933), 641-649
“Obsolete Jobs Not Obsolete Men,” Fortune, 3(Apr. 1933), 60-63
“Why Mr. Keynes is Right,” The Spectator, 150(1933), 417-418
“Steps Toward Recovery,” Proceedings of the Academy of Political Science, 15(1933), 126-135
“The Nations at the Crossroads,” The New York Times Magazine, (11 June 1933), 1-2, 18
“America’s Chance to Lead Again,” The New York Times Magazine, (16 Apr. 1933), 1-2, 13
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“From East to West,” The Listener, 9(1933), 480-481
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“The Economic Conference: Progress Up-to-date,” The Listener, 10(1933), 10
“Obsolete Jobs, Not Obsolete Men,” Fortune, 3(Apr. 1933), 60-63
How Recovery May Come,” Speech at The Canadian Club, 24 Apr. 1933,
“Is a World Government Possible?” Saturday Night, 48(7 Oct. 1933), 15, 24

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“National and World Recovery,” Co-Partnership: The Organ of the Industrial Co-Partnership Association, 43(1934), 10-11
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“Real Sanctions or None,” The Spectator, 155(1935), 347-348
“The Anniversary Postbag,” The Yale Review, 25(1935), 12-13
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“Reform of the League,” The Political Quarterly, 7(1936), 465-480
“The Future of the League: V. Immediate Policy,” The Spectator, 156(1936),1071-1072
“World Trade Awaits Stable Money,” The Rotarian, 49(1936), 9-11, 60-62
“British Monetary Policy, A Symposium,” The Economist, 125(14 Nov. 1936), 297-298
“The European Cauldron,” The Listener, 16(1936), 11
“Auto-Obituary VI, A Civil Servant’s Career,” The Listener, 16(1936), 346
“The Direction of Shipping in Time of War,” The Listener, 16(1936), 794-797
“America and the Manchurian Affair,” The Spectator, 157(1936), 462
Salter, et al., “Proposals for the Reform of the Covenant of the League of Nations,” New Commonwealth Quarterly, 2 (Sept. 1936), 216-241
“The League and the Problem of Change:  A Suggestion,” The New Outlook, 10 June 1936, 22-25,
“Oxford University By-Election:  Sir Arthur Salter on His Candidature,” The New Outlook, 12 Nov. 1936, 3-5.

“Did We Starve Germany,” The Spectator, 157(1937), 117-118
“What Lies Ahead for Britain’s Vast Empire,” The New York Times Magazine, (1937), 3, 25, 27
“Broadening the Foundations of Peace,” The Rotarian, 50(1937), 8-11, 64-65
“Economic Nationalism Today,” The Listener, 18(1937), 59-60
“An All-Party Policy,” The Spectator, 158(1937), 256-257
“Europe Looks Towards America,” The Political Quarterly, 8(1937), 467-481
“The Perils of Recovery,” The Yale Review, 27(1937), 217-234
“The Oxford Election,” The Spectator, 158(1937), 397-398
“Food Storage for Defence,” The Economist ,129(1937), 12-16
“Peace and Economic Policy,” Peace, 5(July-Aug. 1937), 62-64
“The Far Eastern Crisis,” The Democrat,” 1(Dec. 1937), 3-4

“British Policy Now – II,” The Spectator, 161(1938), 643-644
“The Adventure of the Twentieth Century,” California Monthly, (May 1938), 6-7, 42, 44
“Who Should Own our Mines? IV – A Consumer’s View,” The Listener, 20(1938), 816
“Have We Duped America?” John O’London’s Weekly, (10 June 1938), 350-351

“What Are Our Aims,” Picture Post, 5(28 Oct.1939), 47
“Saving Needed for National Welfare,” National Savings, no. 16 (1939), 2-3.
“The Public and the Air Menace,” The New Statesman and Nation, 17(1939), 238-239
“War Purposes and Peace Aims – I,” The Spectator, 163(1939), 575-576
“The Economic Strategy of the War,” The Contemporary Review, 156(1939), 641-651
“Depressions Breed Revolutions Unless -,” The Rotarian, 54(June 1939), 8-11
“The Right League Policy for Great Britain,” Headway, 1(July 1939), 2-4

The Presidency,” Time, 37(1941), 17-18

“Pressing the Fight for Freedom,” Proceedings of the Academy of Political Science, 20(1943), 74-84

“From Combined War Agencies to International Administration,” Public Administration Review, 4(1944), 1-6

“Conference on International Administration: Concluding Remarks,” Public Administration: The Journal of the Institute of Public Administration, 23(1945), 1-2
“Dumbarton Oaks:  The Future of Security,” The Listener, 33(1945), 339-341, 352
“Importance of the Moscow Meeting,” The Listener, 34(1945), 723
“’L.G’:  An Appreciation,” The Spectator, 174(1945), 287-288
“Problems of Germany,” The Spectator, 175(1945), 436
“The Relief of Europe,” The Contemporary Review, 168(1945), 257-261
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