The Lord Salter Papers

The Papers of Sir Arthur (later Lord) Salter, deposited at the Churchill Archives Centre, Cambridge, England are open for research.

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SALTER, James Arthur, 1st Baron Salter (1881-1975)
Civil servant, politician and academic. Worked for the League of Nations; Gladstone Professor of political theory and institutions at Oxford University; Independent MP for Oxford University, 1937-50, and Conservative MP for Ormskirk, 1951-53; Minister of State for Economic Affairs at the Treasury, 1951-1952, and Minister of Materials, 1952-1953.
Personal and political papers; with papers collected by Professor Sidney Aster in the course of writing a biography of Salter.
SALT 20 boxes#.

Sir Arthur (Lord) Salter Inventory

Compiled by Sidney Aster

Files Transferred to Churchill Archives Centre,

Churchill College, Cambridge, 6 May 2014

Series I: Salter Papers, Surviving Files (in the Possession of Sidney Aster).
Series II: Annual Publications-Books, Weeklies, Periodicals, etc. (Appendix A).
Series III: Salter-Aster, Correspondence and Related.
Series IV: Family Information.
Series V: Photographs.
Series VI: Recollections by Salter’s Contemporaries, Interviews, etc. 1969-1981.
Series VII: Major Contributors of Recollections and Deposits of Primary Documents, Including MSS Letters, Now Part of the Salter Archive.
Series VIII: Correspondence with Historians.
Series IX: Some Major Libraries and Archives.
Series X: Lord Salter Biography, 1st-2nd Drafts, Annual Primary Documents, Filed Chronologically.  Digitised.



Series I: Salter Papers, Surviving Files (in the Possession of Sidney Aster).

Salter Papers, File 1, Anecdotes and Incidents.  Unpublished manuscript, approximately 150 pages, covers period 1908-1948; table of contents enclosed. Typed 1956, with copy of the original.

Salter Papers, File 2, Miscellaneous Political Correspondence, 1916-1950.  Includes Reeve Brooke, O.A.R. Murray, Frank Wise, Robert Morant, Austen Chamberlain, Maclay, Lloyd George (re: decorations), H.G. Wells, Nansen, Riddell, Balfour, Roland Boyden, Howland (Council on Foreign Relations), Beatrice Webb, Buckmaster, Mackenzie King, Stimson, Braithwaite, Pirelli, Imredy, Spender, G.M. Young, Garvin, E.M. Forster.

Salter Papers, File 3, Honours and Decorations, 1919-1922.  Includes letters of congratulations from Lloyd George, E.F. Wise, etc..

Salter Papers, File 4, League of Nations: Organization and Administration, 1919-1931. Miscellaneous correspondence and memoranda, including 13 page memorandum on resignation.

Salter Papers, File 5, League of Nations, Economic, the United States of Europe, 1925-1930.

Salter Papers, File 6, League of Nations, Greek-Bulgarian Incident, 1925.  Correspondence.

Salter Papers, File 7, Salter-Mrs. W.E. Arnold-Forster (“Ka” Cox).  Correspondence, 1920s-1933.  Letters, some undated, including Salter’s obituary tribute in The Times, 28 May 1938.

Salter Papers, File 8, Salter-Ethel Bullard Correspondence, 1929-1931.  Regarding Salter’s visits to India, China and Japan.

Salter Paper, File 9, Mission to India, December 1930-February 1931.  Includes correspondence re appointment and draft of report.

Salter Papers, File 10, Mission to China, January – April 1931.  Appointment, press cuttings, draft report.

Salter Papers, File 11, Economic Advisory Council, 1931-1938.  Appointment, miscellaneous reports.

Salter Papers, File 12, Recovery (London, 1932), Correspondence, 1932-34 regarding book.  Includes letters from Bruning, Macmillan, Webb, Margot Oxford, Clémentel, Norman, Pirreli, Charles P. Howland, Per Jacobsson, Harold Butler, D.H. Robertson, Tyler, Norman Davis, B. Seebohm Rowntree, Charles Webster, Rappard, Noel-Baker, Nettlefold, Percy Bates, Michael Sadler, Dawson, Lowes Dickenson, Laski, Tawney, Mrs. Woodrow Wilson.

Salter Papers, File 13, Is It Peace?  The Nettle and the Flower (London, 1938).  Includes letters to Salter from recipients of pamphlet.

Salter Papers, File 14, “The Needs of Liberated Countries in Europe, July 1945.” Memorandum by Chancellor of the Duchy of Lancaster, Sir Arthur Salter, Vice-chairman of the Committee on Supplies for Liberated areas, enclosed in letter, Salter to Bevin, 3 August 1945.

Salter Papers, File 15, Diary of Visit to Nuremberg, May 12-20 1946.  Manuscript diary of visit, letters to Lady Salter, further materials relating to Hess and Spandau.

Salter Papers, File 16, European Relief, May 1946.  Follow up to visit, wheat import requirements for British Zone, documents on world food shortages.

Salter Papers, File 17, Correspondence: Salter-Churchill, 1946-1957.  Includes Salter’s notes on economic issues sent to Churchill.

Salter Papers, File 18, Ormskirk By-Election, February-April 1951 and Elections, 25 October 1951.  Correspondence with Churchill re: candidature, press cuttings and election publicity.

Salter Papers, File 19, “Robot” – Top Secret, January-June 1952.  Memoranda, papers, notes and correspondence, index to contents enclosed.

Salter Papers, File 20, Resignation as Minister of Materials, June-September 1953.  Salter-Churchill correspondence, letters of support, from Harold Macmillan, G.M. Young, E.L. Woodward, etc.

Salter Papers, File 21, Mission to Iraq, January-October 1954.  Correspondence relating to appointment, Iraqi officials and mission.

Salter Papers, File 22, Mission to Iraq, 1954-1964.  Further correspondence re: Iraq.

Salter Papers, File 23, All Souls College, 1934-1974. [2 Files]  Correspondence with John Sparrow, Halifax and Beveridge, notes on history of All Souls and teaching methods in the 1930s.

Salter Papers, File 24, Miscellaneous Correspondence, 1974-1975.  Courtesy of Anne, Lady Vestey (Anne Vestey, Lord Salter’s niece and Literary Executor).

Salter Papers, File 25, West House, Domestic Papers.  Retrieved by S. Aster in 1990 from then occupant, Professor Bernard Nevill.

Salter Papers, File 26, West House, Domestic Papers.  Retrieved by S. Aster in 1990 from then occupant, Professor Bernard Nevill.

Salter Papers, File 27, Discarded File Covers.

Salter Papers, File 28, Marriage Certificate of Sir Arthur Salter to Ethel Bullard, 14 June 1940, miscellaneous press cuttings.

Salter Papers, File 29, Passports of Lord and Lady Salter.

Salter Papers, File 30, The Original Collection with Early Handlist of Surviving Files.  Includes Political Records Project.

Salter Papers, File 31, Author’s London Draft of Salter Biography.  Used materials subsequently lost, but draft retained for biography of Lord Salter.

Salter Papers, File 32, Salter, etc., Undated Letters.

Salter Papers, File 33, All Souls Foreign Affairs Group, 1937-1938.

Series II: Annual Publications – Books, Weeklies, Periodicals, etc.  (See Appendix A for details of Salter’s Annual Publications).  Included are copies of “General Problem of the Dollar Shortage” (1949); “Europe’s Recovery” (1924).

Series III: Salter-Aster, Correspondence and Related.

Lord Salter-Sidney Aster:  Correspondence, 1970-1975.

Lord Salter-Sidney Aster:  Interview Notes of Conversations at West House, Chelsea, London, 5 May 1970-24 Sept. 1974.  White binder transcribed from handwritten notes, September 2008.

Lord Salter-Sidney Aster:  Correspondence re: Salter Estate, etc., 1975-1990.  Includes description of Aster/Salter relationship, and Salter’s final days.

Anne Lady Vestey (Lord Salter’s niece and literary executor)-Sidney Aster: Correspondence, 1975-2010.  Includes letter of permission re:  copyright.

Edward Sniders (Lord Salter’s nephew)-Sidney Aster: Correspondence re:  Lady Salter Memorial at Cemetery in Genthod, Switzerland.

Lord Salter: Birth certificate, 15 March 1881.

Lord Salter: Profiles of Salter – from the Press, Reference Books, etc.  Includes his “Auto-Obituary,” The Listener, 19 Aug. 1936.

Lord Salter: Obituaries, Tributes, Memorial Service, Funeral Service, etc., 1975.  Includes description by Lord Salter’s secretary, Gillian Watson, of his final days.

Series IV: Family Information.

Salter Family Information and Related, 1854-1975.  Includes John Salter (grandfather), 1826-21 Jan. 1890; Stephen Salter (uncle), 1834-15 Sept. 1937; John Henry Salter (uncle, mayor of Oxford, 1902-03), 1854-16 Oct. 1930; James Edward Salter (father, mayor of Oxford), 1854-31 Mar. 1937; George Stephen Salter (uncle) 1859-31 Aug. 1950; John Francis Salter (brother) 1885-7 Feb. 1956; Edward Arnold Salter (brother), 1889-23 May 1974; Rev. George Herbert Salter (brother), 1884-17 June 1969; Sir James Arthur (Lord) Salter, 15 Mar.1881-27 June 1975.

Julia Maria Salter (née Millin, mother) 1850-17 Apr. 1926, Stephen Salter (cousin), 30 May 1862-19 Sept. 1956, Lady Cardigan (née Joan Salter, cousin), 1915-1937.

Salter Family Tree. Compilers:  Dorothy Sackett, Sidney Aster, Simon Wenham, Rev.          A.T.J. Salter.

Lady Salter (née Ethel Mather Bagg, Ethel Bullard) 14 Apr. 1883-13 Oct. 1969.

(Daughter of Dr. John Sullivan Bagg).  Includes  renunciation of British citizenship, and publications: “Voyage Dans L’Afrique du Sud – I,” Revue Le Tour du Monde, no. 39(27 Sept.1913, 457-468), “Voyage Dans L’Afrique du Sud – II,” Revue Le Tour du Monde, no. 40(4 Oct. 1913, 469-480, “From Cape Town to Victoria Falls,” Travel, 25(Aug. 1915), 22-25, 46-47, “Mussolini’s Program for Italy,” Our World, 2(Oct. 1922), 113-115, and Bagg Family Genealogy on CD.

Arthur Bullard (First husband of Ethel Mather Bagg, Lady Salter), 8 Dec. 1879-10 Sept. 1929.

Marchesa Louise de Rosales (sister of Ethel Mather Bagg), 25 May 1873-25 August 1958.  Married (prior to 1914, later divorced) to Marchese Emanuele Gaspare Ordono de Rosales Cigalini.  Includes her “Letters from the Italian Front,” National Geographic, 32(July 1917), 46-67.

Leonora [Louisa] L.S. Bagg, 1857-2 Feb. 1930 and Dr. John Sullivan Bagg, 31 Dec. 1848-9 July 1887 (parents of Ethel and Louise).  Includes Will, and related biographical.

Series V: Photographs.

Photographs: Sir Arthur Salter, Lord Salter, Lady Salter.  Includes originals and copies from the National Portrait Gallery, London.  “The Economist,” Vanity Fair, April 1933, p. 29, published portrait of Salter by Edward Steichen.

Photographs: Salter Brothers, Oxford, early 1900s.

Photographs: West House, Chelsea, London (home of Lord and Lady Salter, 1945-75).

Photographs: Cemetary in Genthod Cemetery, Switzerland; headstones of Arthur Bullard, Leonora L.S. Bagg, Marquesa Louise de Rosales, marker for Lady Salter.  Photos taken by S. Aster, 1980.

Photographs: Royall Tyler, T.V. Soong (signed).

Photographs: Unidentified.

 Series VI: Recollections by Salter’s Contemporaries, Related Interviews, etc., 1969-1981.

S. Aster: Interviews in London re: Lord Salter, 1971-1974, 1980-1981. Includes Lady Allen of Hurtwood, A.L. Rowse, Lord Noel-Baker, Kenneth Lindsay, Lord Perth, A.L. Rowse, Sir Harold Macmillan, Lord Muirshiel, Aubrey Jones, Sir Denis Rickett, Lord Hailsham, Sir Keith Joseph, etc.

Salter:  Transcript of Interviews between Lord Salter and Jean Siotis, 4 Jan. 1969-Mar. 1969.  Original tape and copy on cassette included.

Series VII: Contributors of Recollections and Deposits of Primary Documents, Including MS Letters, Part of the Salter Archive. Details for Major Contributors. (Brown File contains index and copies of more important correspondence).

A-B.    Lady Allen of Hurtwood, Lady Aberdeen, John Sparrow, Mark Arnold-Forster, Thanassis Aghnides, Lady Baldwin, Michael Barratt Brown, Lord Boothby, Lord Boyd-Carpenter, A.J. Brown, Pearl S. Buck, Lord Butler.

C-D.    Lady Catlin, Council on Foreign Relations, Carnegie Endowment, Harold Caustin, Century Association, Sir Norman Chester, Viscount Chilston,

Lord Clitheroe, Sussanna W. Coggeshall (re: Francis Perkins), Dame Margaret Cole, Dame Margaret Corbett Ashby, J. B. Condliffe, Lady Conesford, Conservative Research Department.


  • Dr. Gertrude Caton Thompson:  Salter-Caton Thompson Correspondence, “Some Memories of Lord Salter” and “Notes on Will Arnold-Forster & Katherine Cox.”
  • Thomas W. Childs:  Extended Note on Salter, Dictated 29 October 1979.
  • Joseph S. Davis:  Notes, Copies of his Correspondence with Salter, Memorabilia.

E-F.     Douglas Fell, E.B. Ford, Sir Edward Ford, Sir John Foster

G-H.    Joanna Hirth, H.V. Hodson, Lord Geddes, Bernard L. Gladieux, Robert Grimm, Lord Harcourt, Jennifer Hart, Lady Hart, Sir J. Nicholas Henderson, Pamela Hurcomb, Elizabeth Clark Hutchison, David Hubback, Pat Hill, H.V. Hodson.


  • Rosemond Gilder:  Salter-Gilder Correspondence, 1965-1975.
  • Mary Agnes “Molly” Hamilton Diaries (several MS volumes).  S. Aster Correspondence with Commander R.V. Adamson (nephew) re: diaries.

I-J.       Lord Inchyra, Sir Robert Jackson, Philip C. Jessup.


  • Dr. Erin Jucker-Fleetwood:  S. Aster Interview, 9 September 1971 and Memorabilia.

K-L.     Sir Charles Kimber, Jessica Katzenellenbogen, Mary Kiersteaad, Ian Lowe, Lord Leathers, Kenneth Lindsay, Mary Lee Johansen, Sir Henry Lumby.


  • Mlle. Renée de Lucy Fossarieu:  Notes/Memories of Salter; Salter’s correspondence with Fossarieu, 1920s-1950s.
  • Fred C. Lay, Headmaster of City of Oxford High School, 1944-1962:Correspondence, etc., re: Salter’s High School records.

M-N.    Lady Macadam, Sir Malcolm MacDonald, Robert de la Mare, Rustin McIntosh,  Dona Emilia de Madariaga, Sir Henry Mance, Nicholas Mansergh, John McLennan,  Michael McGarvie, A.D. Marris, J.E. Meade, Lord Molson,  Jean Monnet, Aubrey N. Morgan, Sir Jeremy Morse, Lord Muirshiel, Lord Nathan, E.M. Nicholson.


  • Professor Barry Nicholls, Principal, Brasenose College, Oxford. Correspondence, etc., re: Salter’s College records.

O-P.    Sir Frederic Osborn (letter to Salter), Stanley Payton, Lord Perth, Sir Edward Playfair, Fred Poole, Sir Richard Powell, Sir John Pope-Hennessy.

Q-R.    W.A. Robson, Lord Robbins, Kenneth Rose.

S-T.     John H. MacCallum Scott, Lord Segal, Elizabeth Spencer, Lord Stamp, Frank Swinnerton, Christopher Newton-Thompson, Eva (née Tyler) and W. Kenneth Thompson, John H. Shepardson.


  • Dorothy Sackett (Lord Salter’s cousin): Family History, Reminiscences and Tree.
  • William Tyler-S. Aster:  Correspondence re: Lord Salter, 1972-1981.  Includes a “Summary Biography of Royall Tyler (1884-1953),” by William Tyler.
  • Transcription of extracts from Royall Tyler-Elisina Tyler’s correspondence with references to Salter, 1920-1951.  Includes typed copy.
  • Transcription of extracts of correspondence between Mildred Bliss and Royall Tyler with references to Sir Arthur Salter 1922-1940.
  • Sir Arthur Salter-Royall Tyler correspondence mainly re: Hungary, 1924-1931.
  • Sir Arthur Salter letters to Elisina Tyler, 1922-1953, with undated letters.  Index by S. Aster enclosed.
  • William Tyler, Sidney Aster and Walter Muir Whitehall correspondence, 1976.

U-Z.     Freda Wint, Lowell P. Weicker, Dame Rebecca West, W.G. Weston, Lady Wheeler-Bennett, Sir Duncan Wilson, Sir Harold Wilkinson.

Series VIII: Correspondence with Historians.

  1. Aster: Correspondence with Historians re: Lord Salter (some with original letters Salter wrote to historians). Includes Prof. Max Beloff, Prof. Patricia Clavin, Prof. James Barros, Prof. D.S. Birn, Captain Alex Danchev, Prof. R. Dayer, Christophe Le-Dreau, Norman MacKenzie. Prof. A Marder, Prof. G.B. Ostrower, Reginald Pound, Dr. Jean Siotis (re: taped interview with Lord Salter in 1969).
  2. Aster: Correspondence with Dr. Simon Wenham, historian of Salter Bros. Steamers, Oxford, 2005-2013. Includes a Salter family tree and Sir Arthur Salter correspondence/ephemera, etc., discovered at Salter Bros. Ltd., Oxford.

Series IX: Some Major Libraries and Archives.

Exeter University Library, Exeter (re: A.L. Rowse Papers and Diaries).

King’s College Library, Cambridge (re: Elliot Felkin Papers and Diaries, White Binder).

National Archives, Washington, DC (Freedom of Information, 1980-86, CIA, FBI, OSS).

United Nations Archives and Records, League of Nations, Geneva.

Series X: Lord Salter Biography, 1st-2nd Drafts, Annual Primary Documents, Filed Chronologically.  Digitised and Available on USB Key – Included.

Box 1, 1881-1921.  (Includes documents: The Toynbee Record, 1904-1914; AMTC Minutes and Documents, MT25/10/21068, MT25/62/37344; Ministry of Shipping, The System of Convoys for Merchant Shipping in 1917 and 1918; Reparation Commission Minutes etc.; Supreme Economic Council Minutes, etc.).

Box 2, 1922-1926.

Box 3, 1927-1930.  (Includes League of Nations Financial and Economic Committee Minutes, 1923-1931).

Box 4, 1931-1933

Box 5, 1934-1937.

Box 6, 1938-1939.

Box 7, 1940.  (Includes PURSA cables, 1940-1941).

Box 8, 1941-1942.  (Includes documents: British Shipping Mission, 1941; Shipping Assistance from the USA, February to May 1942, PREM3/487/5).

Box 9, 1943-1944.  (Includes documents: Minutes, Combined Shipping Adjustment Board, 1942-1943; Memos by Salter: Summary of US Shipping Policy, April 1941-April 1943, Merchant Shipping in 1942; Leslie Chance, History of British Merchant Shipping Mission in the United States; Calendar of Papers on Shipping by Sir Arthur Salter; Organization of the Ministries of Shipping and War Transport, UNRRA, British White Paper, December 1943, and Shipping Calendar of Papers by Salter, 1939-1943 (CAB102/421).

Box 10, 1945-1948.

Box 11, 1949-1951.

Box 12, 1952. (Includes entire NA files:-T236/3067, Commonwealth Finance Ministers Meeting, Jan. 1952, T236/3241, Sterling Convertibility, Operation R.O.B.O.T., 1952, T230/217, Working Party on Convertibility; Memoranda/Correspondence, 1951, T236/3069, Commonwealth Finance Ministers Meeting, Jan. 1952, Working Party on Convertibility; Papers, Minutes and Correspondence (Select Pages and CD/TIFF Scans).

Box 13, 1953, 1954-1975.

Box 1A, 2nd draft, Supplementary Documents, Unsorted, 1881-1975.  (Includes further annual primary documents; Dwight Morrow Papers; H.G. Wells Papers; Lord Robert Cecil Papers; Violet Markham Papers).

Box 1B, 2nd draft, Supplementary Documents, Unsorted 1881-1975.  (Includes Personnel Files of Sir Arthur Salter, League of Nations, S874/3100, Ministry of Health, MH107/11; Minutes, League of Nations Directors’ Meetings, 1919-1930; Elliott Felkin Diary, 1930-1931, Felkin Papers AEF/1/1/8; Lewis Douglas Papers; Frederic J. Osborn Papers; Will Arnold-Forster Papers; L.S. Amery Papers; The Sunday Times; Joyce Newton Thompson Papers; Helena de Kay Gilder Papers; Nichols-Shurtleff Family Papers, Arthur Bullard Papers.

Box 1C, BBC Written Archives – Salter Correspondence and Salter Broadcast Scripts/Talks.





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