• Articles for The Historian, Canadian Journal of History, Albion, American Historical Review, Diplomacy and Statecraft.
  • Manuscripts for Scholarly Resources, Inc., Peter Lang Publishers, Inc., Routledge and Kegan Paul Ltd.
  • Consultant for the American Historical Association, Guide to Historical Literature, 1992.
  • Adjudicator, Academic Research Program, Royal Military College of Canada, 1999.  Provided appraisal for Prof. B.J.C. McKercher, Nov. 2006.
  • Publicity quotes for University Publications of America – Re “Confidential British Foreign Office Political Correspondence: Germany; and Haggerston Press – Re V.V. Tilea
  • Consultant for the Ontario Curriculum Centre – Re the New Grades 10 and 11 curriculum.  Reviewer for both Public and Separate School Boards of curriculum in Canadian History Since 1945, US History, World History to the 16th Century, Introduction to Psychology, Sociology and Anthropology, Law, and Economics.  Briefings, curriculum reviews and final reports, 2000-2001, 2001-2002.
  • Assessor for the Aid to Scholarly Publications Program, SSHRC, 2001.
  • External Referee for promotion application from Professor Gordon Morrell, Nipissing University, Oct. 2006.

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